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How to work with Clusters

Maya Insights allows you to separate your data into meaningful groups, called clusters. Clusters assist you in analyzing your data from a level that makes sense to you.

Without clusters, you would either have to see information in a microscopic view, for example metrics for each search query or each landing page separately, or totals across all queries and landing pages.

However, the way we typically think about data is on a level between those two extremes, which depends on the business case or the analysis that is currently required. Advertising campaigns may be separated by country or by product that is being advertised, or the customer segment that is being targeted. Search queries based on language used, or products being searched for, or intention: Is the query asking for information or looking for a product to buy? Clusters can be used to filter information and see metrics about one particular group only. Even more importantly, it allows you to see in your reports information about all the clusters at the same time: So much money was spent on country A, this much on country B, and another amount on country C.


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