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How I can access the data in my Google Bigquery?

Step 1 Input your gmail account

  1. Navigate to Developers - Shared Dataset and input a gmail account, with an active GCP project and BigQuery enabled.

Step 2 Star the dataset to your Google Bigquery

  1. On your browser go to your big query home page and press on the + ADD icon right next to the Explorer which is located on the left corner of your screen.
  2. Then on the new screen that has opened, press on the Star project by name selection, located right under the Additional sources.
  3. On the pop up screen with the input field, paste bi-analytics-253109 which is the project of your shared dataset and press STAR.
  4. Go back to your BigQuery console and will now see the shared project listed there as well.


The name of the project (i.e my-project) that you see on the top navbar with the dropdown arrow will be used as the billing project.
Billing occurs only when you run a query. Read more here.

Step 3 Query the data

Since the data is shared to your account you can query the data directly, or include these in your views.

i.e SELECT * FROM `bi-analytics-253109.prj_xx_db_shared._campaigns` LIMIT 1000

You can check Maya dataset schema here.


At the moment we only support datasets located in eu (multiple regions in European Union).
To query the shared dataset through your dataset, your dataset should also be located in the same region.


Can I use my own Google Bigquery as the only source of data?

For our service to work, which includes our algorithms to run and our dashboards to be functional, we need to have a specific structure. By specific structure we mean specific tables and specific columns types and names, where any change on these can impact essential functionality or features from functioning correctly. At the moment we can only share the database that we keep with you.

In case I decide to stop using Maya can I get a copy of my data?

In case you decide to stop using Maya, upon request we can provide you with a copy of your dataset at that specific state (it will not update).

Can I get a copy of the data to my MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Redshift, Snowflake etc?

At the moment we only support Google Bigquery.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Send us an email at [email protected].